UUASC LA 2003 February
BSD Panel Meeting

Tonight's Panel Format

  1. Moderator's Introduction to BSD
  2. Panelists' Talks
    1. 15 minute talk
    2. 5 minute Q&A
  3. 30 minutes open Q&A to all panelists


BSD = Berkeley Software Distribution

A set of tools added to AT&T Unix at UCB that has grown into its own full unix.

The Unix system family tree / BSD history chart

FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD compared to Linux

Major Similarities

Major Differences

Which one should you use?
Probably won't go wrong with any of them.

Web Sites

FreeBSD http://www.FreeBSD.org/
NetBSD http://www.NetBSD.org/
OpenBSD http://www.OpenBSD.org/
Sun http://www.sun.com/

Article URLs


Unix History (with full diagram of most unixes)

And what about BSD?
November 27, 2001
By: Brett Glass

The BSDs: Sophisticated, Powerful, and (Mostly) Free
September 26, 2002
By: Brett Glass


Explaining BSD
Greg Lehey - grog@FreeBSD.org

In the open source world, the word ``Linux'' is almost synonymous with ``Operating System'', but it is not the only open source UNIX™ operating system. According to the Internet Operating System Counter, as of April 1999 31.3% of the world's network connected machines run Linux. 14.6% run BSD UNIX. Some of the world's largest web operations, such as Yahoo!, run BSD. The world's busiest FTP server, ftp.cdrom.com, uses BSD to transfer 1.4 TB of data a day. Clearly this is not a niche market: BSD is a well-kept secret.

So what is the secret? Why is BSD not better known? This white paper addresses these and other questions.

Throughout this paper, differences between BSD and Linux will be noted like this.

Table Of Contents

1 What is BSD?
2 What, a real UNIX?
3 Why is BSD not better known?
4 Comparing BSD and Linux

4.8 Who provides support, service, and training for BSD?

BSDi have always supported BSD/OS, and they have recently announced support contracts for FreeBSD.

In addition, each of the projects has a list of consultants for hire: FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.


The real difference between Linux and freeBSD - a licensing primer
By Tina Gasperson
October 18, 2000
Full Text: http://newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=00/10/18/1154216

FreeBSD Help Web Sites

FreeBSD Diary

BSD Related Sites

FreeBSD Upgrade Method

Ismet Kursunoglu, LILAX Leader, post excerpt:

I did a test where I did a fairly complete install of FreeBSD 4.5 (with X, KDE etc..), I was able to upgrade to 4.6.2 (building from source) with a simple

My Prediction (based on secure computing needs)

The BSD Panel Presentation

Many companies are turning to BSD for a number of reasons including that flavor of UNIX's highly regarded IP stacking, impressive speed, and that many of the world's web sites with the best reported uptimes are running on BSD.

The panel will focus on how to migrate SVR4 skills to the BSD platform, and point out where the "gotchas" exist. And, they will demonstrate package management and the ease of system installation, and discuss wireless networking, security, BSD on SPARC, and much more.

The Panel Members

Tonight's Format

  1. Moderation Introduction to BSD
  2. Panelists' Talks
    1. 15 minute talk
    2. 5 minute Q&A
  3. 30 minutes open Q&A to all panelists

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