Online Lecture Notes

I gave regular monthly talks, Web Spinners, and guest lecture around the Los Angeles area for universities, colleges and groups like

My lecture notes and handouts for these talks are being webified and added to this online collection.

Computer Security

  1. How To Secure Against Computer Attacks November 2001

Web Pages

  1. Fighting Spam - How to parse your email header and get the spammer's account cancelled.
  2. Web Page JavaScript - How the Browser Works, Copy and Paste Examples
  3. Web CGI for Existing Programmers - A brief and adequate 4 page intro
  4. E Commerce Web Page Design Issues - 12 pages of how to's from product index and display pages to receipts.

Cross Platform Issues

  1. End Of Line Character - Unix, Win/DOS, Mac Text File differences

Advance Topics Lecture Notes

  1. Regular Expressions Version 2.1 updated Sept 16, 2003
    1. More on Command Line RE Usage and examples
    2. More Command Line Quote usage notes
    3. Miscellaneous corrections and enhancements
    4. More Resource and Reference Links
  2. Regular Expressions (version 1.1)

Future Lecture Notes

  1. What is Internet - 8 diagrams
  2. Selecting an ISP - 15 criteria
  3. Bits, bytes and words - How a computer stores data, numbers and letters
  4. Web color - RGB hex values explained and algorithms, color tables, picker URLs
  5. Image downsizing - palette size and color count, dithering
  6. Meta tags - keyword, description, author, refresh, and more
  7. CGI libraries on the web
  8. CGI relocation command, meta tag refresh command
  9. HTTP commands - for CGI and browsers - what is that 404 number mean
  10. Intro to CSS - Basics of Casading Style Sheets
  11. Intro to XML/CSS and DSSSS and XSL

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